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European Commission Project

Consumer Champion is a capacity building programme of the European Commission, managed by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) to support and develop the capacity of consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives from EU Member states, EEA and candidate countries.

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This website is in English to provide a common language for dialogue among users. We have provided an external Google Translate tool to assist website visitors, however the quality of the translated content is neither controlled nor guaranteed by Consumer Champion.

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Added by: Ivo Tarantino (Altroconsumo)
Last week, a pharmaceutical company was accused of intentionally inflating the price of one of its medicines by 2,000%. Does this kind of news seem like déjà vu? Most probably, because escalating medicine prices are getting more and more coverage.
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Added by: Amanda Long (Consumers International )
Ahead of a new survey on product safety that will be launched this week, Consumers International’s Director General Amanda Long looks at some of the challenges facing those who want to keep consumers safe in a globalised world.
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Added by: Dinko Mihaljević (BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation)
Dual food quality topic has made headlines in several Eastern European countries lately. Rightly or wrongly, it has generated a feeling of ‘second class’ citizens among consumers in these countries.
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Added by: Davide Cecchinato (Adiconsum - Consumer Association)
After the passenger case solved thanks to the Small Claims Procedure, Davide Cecchinato, President of the Italian consumer association Adiconsum Verona, shares with us another successful consumer story.
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Added by: Consumer Champion (BEUC - The European Consumer Organisation)
Stine Müller is Project Manager at the Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals. In this blog post, she talks about fluorinated substances in paper and cardboard food packaging and their threat to consumer's health.
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Added by: Amanda Long (Consumers International )
In this blog post, Amanda Long, Director General at Consumers International, discusses the topic of digital identity and the potential benefits and threats for consumers.
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