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European Commission Project

Consumer Champion is a capacity building programme of the European Commission, managed by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) to support and develop the capacity of consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives from EU Member states, EEA and candidate countries.

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This website is in English to provide a common language for dialogue among users. We have provided an external Google Translate tool to assist website visitors, however the quality of the translated content is neither controlled nor guaranteed by Consumer Champion.

These Frequently Asked Questions will provide you with more information on the courses and how to participate. We recommend that you read them before applying for a course. If you don't find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Who can participate in this programme?

    The programme is open for professionals from consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives (such as ECCs, Ministries, etc.) from the EU Member States, EEA countries and candidate countries.

  • Do I have to pay to be a member and/or attend the courses?

    No, the capacity building programme is fully funded by the European Commission. This means that your participation (including travel, food and accommodation linked to the courses if any) is covered according to the financial regulations of the European Commission. 


    If you are selected to attend a training course more detailed information will be communicated by e-mail by the Consumer Champion training team. 

  • How do I register?

    To register, please consult our "Sign Up" page. After registering you will receive an activation e-mail. Should you not receive this, please contact info@consumerchampion.eu.

  • Is there a deadline to register?

    No, you can register at any particular time, at which point your data is stored in our database once your form is fully complete. Once you are registered you will receive information related to our courses such as open calls.


    To register, please consult our "Sign Up" page.

  • Is there a deadline to apply for the training courses?

    Yes, for each course a deadline is fixed and should be respected. Please bear in mind that registered users can only apply for a course if the call is open. 

  • Is there a deadline to apply for the e-learning course?

    No, you can apply for an e-learning module at any time. 

  • How do I apply for an e-learning module?

    You can apply for a module at any time as soon as it is available on the platform.


    If you already have a Consumer Champion account:

    • Login with your user name and password
    • When logged in, click on the "Training" button and select "E-learning courses" in the drop-down menu. You will find all our open e-learning courses there.
    • The e-learning modules are available in several languages. To select the language of your choice, please click on the course and choose the language at the top of the page.
    • To apply, click on "Apply now"; you will be redirected to the application form. you will be asked to answer a few questions about your background and expectations. It is possible to save your application and come back to it later, if needed. Your application will only be considered if you submit it by clicking on the "submit" button.
    • Once your application has been submitted, your supervisor will receive an email asking to approve your application. Please note that the programme aims to strengthen your organisation by developing your professional skills. Therefore, the involvement of the supervisor is crucial in the learning process. Once the supervisor's approval is received, you will be selected to take part in the e-learning module.
    • Upon the completion of your application, a message will be sent to your email address. If for any reason your application fails, you will receive an error message.

    Should you encounter an issue while signing up for the modules, do not hesitate to contact the Consumer Champion team


    If you do not have a Consumer Champion account yet:

    • The first step is to create a Consumer Champion account.
    • Please click on the "sign up" button and create your account. Fill in all requested fields and complete your profile.
    • Now, you can apply for the e-learning course following the instructions above, starting from the second point.
  • How are members selected to the programme?

    Consumer Professionals from EU Member States, EEA countries and candidate countries can register at any time and will be considered as user. Nevertheless, to access some features and courses, a selection will be made by our Consumer Champion team. This selection will be made in order to verify if you match with the profile required for the chosen activity.

  • How are participants selected for a training course?

    Participants are selected based on several criteria in order to achieve a balanced group (hence the participant profile defined in the course description) and also to provide participants the widest possible networking opportunity. 

     General selection criteria:

    • Relevant experience in the specific domain of expertise;
    • Role and responsibilities in the organisation (present and future);
    • Organisational needs and impact;
    • Geographical spread.

    More specific criteria are used according to the type of the course. Please note that some additional tasks might be required to be eligible for a course (eg. pass an e-test or an e-learning module on the course topic, etc.). 

    In order to guarantee its long-term sustainability and its institutional approach addressing organisations, directors and/or supervisors are involved in the selection procedure. Therefore, the approval of your direct supervisor is needed to be considered in the selection process.  

  • How are participants selected for an e-learning course?

    In addition to the overall selection criteria mentioned for the training courses, the selection of participants will be conducted in accordance with the following criteria: 

    • Relevance of the course to their own work or tasks
    • Position/Level of seniority in the organisation
    • Language in which the course will be conducted

    In order to guarantee its long-term sustainability and its institutional approach addressing organisations, directors and/or supervisors are involved in the selection procedure. Therefore, the approval of your direct supervisor is needed to be considered in the selection process. When the criteria match with the participant’s profile and the approval is given by the supervisor, the training team will provide access to the e-learning module. 

  • If I apply to a course (online or off line), how will I know if I have been selected?

    You will be contacted by e-mail to inform you as to whether you have been selected or not. 

  • I am a supervisor or director. How do I approve applications?

    Each application for an online or offline course needs to be approved by a supervisor or director. To approve an application you will have to:


    - log in to your Consumer Champion account where the request will be visible on the dashboard or;

    - create a supervisor/director account if you are not yet registered on  www.consumerchampion.eu 


    (For difference between the role of a supervisor and director please see below)


  • If I am selected to the course - do I have to attend the whole course?

    Yes, 100% participation is required. Please note that during the training course, your presence will be monitored and you will be required to sign in each day. The e-learning course will be monitored, and in case the module has not been completed, you will not be able to apply for another one.

  • If I am selected and cannot attend the training course - can a colleague replace me even if he/she hasn't applied?

    Unfortunately, we cannot consider your colleague as a replacement for the course for which a specific participant has been selected. 

    We have a defined application and selection procedure (in collaboration with the European Commission) within a certain timeline which takes in consideration several criteria and that we have to follow. We also have a waiting list for applicants who followed the application and selection procedures but who were not selected on a first phase. Therefore we cannot consider a colleague as a replacement for this vacancy.

  • What happens after I participate in a course?

    After course participation, each participant is asked to fill in a course evaluation (three months and six months after completion of the course). Your supervisor will also be asked to complete the evaluation with regard to the benefits for the organisation.

  • Which type of account should I create?

    When signing up for Consumer Champion and before you can exploit all that the platform has to offer, you are asked to register as one of the following profiles:


    • Participant: if you work/volunteer in a Consumer Organisation, ECC or Public Authority.


    • Supervisor: if you have a Supervisor/Director role in a Consumer Organisation, ECC or Public Authority. 


    • E-learner: if you belong to a different category than the ones mentioned above. 
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