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European Commission Project

Consumer Champion is a capacity building programme of the European Commission, managed by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) to support and develop the capacity of consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives from EU Member states, EEA and candidate countries.

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Tell us more about your training needs!
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Country: Belgium Joined: 03.03.15 Posts: 50
Tell us more about your training needs!

In order to even better adapt our local courses to the expectations of Consumer Professionals, we would like to hear from you! Share what your training needs are and what would help you the most in your contacts with consumers. We count on your feedback in order to offer our training participants  a unique and highly valuable training experience!

* In your opinion, what are the biggest consumer concerns in your country?

* What challenges or obstacles do you generally  experience as a Consumer Professional?

* In particular, what type of information are you missing in order to handle consumer issues/complaints better in your daily work?

* Which are the skills/capacities you would like to acquire or develop?

* What kind of material or case studies are you most interested in? In your view, what is the most valuable resource/element that a training can provide?

Krystyna Piwońska
Country: Poland Joined: 03.08.17 Posts: 0
Szkolenie "Consumer Advice",

Szkolenie "Consumer Advice", w którym wzięłam udział było na bardzo wysokim poziomie i wyniosłam z niego dużo nowych informacji. Zdobytą wiedzę i umiejętności będę mogła zastosować w codziennej pracy.
Tak dobrze zorganizowane szkolenia mogłyby być poświęcone tematom, takim jak: usługi energetyczne, turystyczne, telekomunikacyjne oraz umowy zawierane poza lokalem i na odległość. W tych obszarach zgłasza się do mnie bardzo dużo konsumentów. Mają oni problemy wynikające z zawartych umów. Chciałabym poznać bliżej regulacje unijne w porównaniu do regulacji krajowych. W przypadku różnic, pozwoli mi to powoływać się na ochronę zagwarantowaną konsumentom w UE.

Saida Saguir
Country: Belgium Joined: 25.07.11 Posts: 0
Dear Krystyna,

Dear Krystyna,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on Champion courses as well as your training needs. There are still more courses to come in Poland (in Krakow and Poznan) and I would encourage you to share your feedback with your colleagues and ask them to register.

The topics you mentioned are indeed very important for consumers in several EU countries. I would also be very much interested in hearing the others point of view and see what would be the needs in terms of capacity building in your country.


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