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Consumer Champion is a capacity building programme of the European Commission, managed by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) to support and develop the capacity of consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives from EU Member states, EEA and candidate countries.

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9th Citizen Energy Forum: Engaged energy consumers

Energy transition

“Nobody has to be left behind in the energy transition” Commissioner Věra Jourová at the 9th Citizen Energy Forum.

The European Commission established the Citizens' Energy Forum in 2007. This year meeting, held on 30-31 May 2017 in London, was dedicated to discussing the 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' legislative package. The overall aim is to explore consumers' perspective and role in a competitive, 'smart', energy-efficient and fair energy retail market.

Green is the new black

At the Forum, the Director of The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) Monique Goyens stressed the need for an ambitious green energy efficiency policy. Mrs Goyens stated that consumers should be enabled to appropriate the energy transition and advocated for fair rules for consumers who generate their own electricity individually or collectively.

Consumers integrated with the energy market

According to BEUC’s Director, policies should not to be designed only for those who are financially and technologically up-to-speed. All consumers must be given the opportunity to engage: to become a prosumer should be easy.

Monika Stajnarova, Head of the Energy department at BEUC, shared with the audience some interesting data on consumers’ engagement in the energy sector:

  • over 3 in 10 consumers do not know how much electricity they use,
  • nearly 4 in 10 consumers do not know how the electricity price is calculated,
  • 4 in 10 consumers are not the sources of the electricity they use.

During the debate, the conditions for getting consumers onboard emerged clearly, namely providing consumers with the right means to navigate the energy market especially by increasing transparency and facilitating switching providers.

Below are reported some of the conclusions that were drafted at the end of the event:

  • The Forum emphasises that easy to understand, comparable and transparent information is key to consumer engagement.
  • Calls on Member States to ensure that switching processes are easier, shorter (aiming towards switching within 24 hours by 2025) and smoother.
  • Emphasises that the goal must be to create value for consumers, to lower energy system costs and to better inform public policy making.
  • Supports removing barriers, including the administrative and market ones.

Read the whole document here.

If you want to learn more about the EU energy laws, Consumer Champion has the e-learning course for you. 



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