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Consumer Champion is a capacity building programme of the European Commission, managed by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) to support and develop the capacity of consumer organisations and other entities with similar objectives from EU Member states, EEA and candidate countries.

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Promising improvements in Croatia

On 24 & 25 October 2017, BEUC – the European Consumer Organisation met the Croatian consumer movement and the Ministry of Economy, in charge of consumer protection, in order to discuss the state of play in the country.

Over the past 2 years, Croatian consumer organisations have put a lot of efforts to build a common ground of work.

With the support of BEUC country coordinator, Dinko Mihaljevic, several meetings took place including all registered organisations in the country. For Croatia, these are unprecedent actions that have resulted in the draft of proposals for the National consumer programme and a complete revision of their communication toward the Ministry.

The main outcome of the visit was to see that a cooperation between the different organisations across the country has started.

The Unions regrouping them have even consolidated this by signing an agreement of collaboration. They realised that by being unified, they are stronger.

BEUC had also the chance to meet with the Ministry in charge of consumer protection. The discussion was focused on the way forward and the Ministry’s will to have an open dialogue with all stakeholders.

In its upcoming programme, the Ministry announced the development of an education programme to strengthen the skills of the Croatian consumer professionals.

All those elements are signs of improvements and in the benefit of Croatian consumers!



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